arteles walking maps

Route 1 (loop) . 1h 26 m. 7.1 Km

This is a basic path you should take the very first day you get to Arteles. Is a really easy route. No suprises at all. Is also a loop so make it worth.
Brooke, me and Imy walking that road. Day 1
Kind of Tarkovsky landscape

Route 2 (loop) . 3h 45 m. 18.5 Km

This is kind of a golden path. Is the longest one I walked. First time was a discovery: trying to find the other road I miss the junction at the horses place. I took left instead of right so I dragged Elin from Canada in what seemed at the moment an infinite trip. She was happy getting lost in the forest so be aware. We ended hitchhicking. I was completely lost… so magically the guy who pick us up left at the Arteles Front gate. Two days after we (Carter, Mathieu and I) complete the road. Be sure you have a really, really comfortable shoes.
The left turn close to the horses place (on the Arteles back road)
When we saw the lumbers I knew we were complety lost…
Two guys, really prepared for adventures…
As seen on tv…
Never, ever try to feed or get close to the ponys… They carry a terrible curse !
The front door…

Route 3 (lake) 1h 13m 5.9 Km

This lake appears in the Arteles guestbook as the swimming lake. I visited it in the middle of the winter so there is no way you can swim as you will find if you go to Arteles on february. But what the book don’t say is that you can find orchids if you look carefully.
You need to take the main road so please be safe !!! some kids likes speeding. And yes, you have to climb the hill but just in the way going.

Route 4 (lake) 1h 39m. 8.0 Km

This is the Imy’s lake. I tryed to get there the first time but a snow storm made me turn back. Decided to find the lake I ran for Imy’s companion and expertise in deep winter snowy slipery walking.
So after a really cold but sunny walk, we found this (It turned cloudy rigth when we get there)
It was a really hard walking because of the slipery of the ground and because you have to go up and down some hills a lot. Also your’e going to get through some kind of 2 houses town… Do not be afraid. Just keep going…
We really enjoyed… there was a lot of snow over there. Also we think we miss a moose. For sure it was close. Probably a ghost moose.

Route 5 (lake) 2h 29m 12.1 Km

This is the Elin’s lake. I was looking for a third lake. 12 km is something just Elin could be glad with. !!! We spend the time getting deep into our ecology saving the world chating. I couldn’t recall what was all we speak but you can bet it was a loooooooooooot… and so nice. We went through a kind of an empty town… probably everyone was just taking the nap because of the time. We never knew. To me was one of the most beautiful lakes I went.
Elin, brave. Walking on the warm ice…
Playing with my Zeis Ultron lens

And that’s it for now… hope you enjoyed it !!! dx.

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